Veceslav Goettmann (Iatchmenev)



Was born in 1960 in the city of Perm (Ural Mountains, Russia). Has early found out his passion and talent in art. After finishing high school, he worked as a decorator and designer.

In 1983 has finished the historical faculty of the „Perm State University“. During the study he created the student's newspaper and was resposable for the decorations of the students´ theatre.

Taught history. Worked as a trainer for oriental combat sports. Simultaneously was engaged in painting, took part in numerous exhibitions. A member of the Ural Society of Artists (1998)

Since 1999 me and my family have been living in Germany, Düsseldorf. Also here I didn´t miss out some exhibitions like those in Soest, Monheim, and Düsseldorf.

Favourite themes for my pictures are: people, history, philosophy. Recently I also started specializing portraits, modern as well as historical.

My various hobbies (hunting, sports, music, history) help me to to become better at my real passion-painting. As a sportsman, I try to show the beauty of a human body, ist movements, ist resistance. As a historian, I try to find in my works the harmony between past and present, to attract the attention of the spectator to history,so that he reflects about eternity,and about the time in which we live.





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